Monday, February 20, 2012

Fresh Fest line-up//merch//demo update

Got a great spot on the second night of Fresh Fest in Tallahassee this upcoming weekend. I don't think they realize that the southern half of Florida is going to destroy their city. Hopefully the venues where the fest is taking place have the proper insurance policies setup in advance.

Other upcoming shows:

March 24th with In Ruins and Future
April 1st with Nailbiter and I'm An Intestine
April 7th with Shaved Christ and Feral Babies
April 20th with Bukkake Boys, Disable, Feral Babies
April 27th Florida Rules Fest
May 26th with Napalm Raid, Six Brew Bantha, Gaul

Just got these from Adrien last week, hopefully stickers and either shirts or patches before the weekend of the fest. Our demo is recorded and being mastered as I type and should be ready in a few weeks. Not sure how many we're going to press/color/insert/whatever else but hey, it'll get done eventually right?



real punk never cries ;,,[

photo: C.M.R.

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