Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bastard Deceiver || Radiation East Coast Tour 2012

I'll try to update this with links to event pages for each show and whatever as they pop up.
Baltimore on this flier is actually DC

Aug 3rd Atlanta, GA with Disable and Cheap Art
Aug 4th Wilmington, NC
Aug 5th Richmond, VA with Degeneracy and Ancient Torture Techniques
Aug 6th Philly, PA with Triac and Amputee
Aug 7th Boston, MA with Tinnitus and Mellow Harsher
Aug 8th Brooklyn, NYC
Aug 9th New Brunswick, NJ with Dethroned Emperor and Don't Wake Up
August 10th Washington, DC with Triac, Drugs of Faith, Mellow Harsher and Morghulis
Aug 11th Rock Hill, SC
Aug 12th Greenville, SC
Aug 13th Gainesville, FL

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