Monday, July 2, 2012

305 Fest Schedule and St. Speed Trials V1

Here's the schedule for 305 Fest this weekend. show up early, act ridiculous. We're actually on the flier now (please see fine print near bottom). We're Also playing an insane show in St. Pete the Monday after we get back. prepare the caffeine, it's going to be a long week.

The actual info for the St. Pete Show is:

lots of really fast bands playing really short sets

NIMBUS TERRIFIX - Hardcore, Philadelphia/Scranton

CANNABASS - Powerviolence, Orlando

RAPTUROUS GRIEF - Grindcore, Atlanta

BASTARD DECEIVER - Hardcore/Metal, Tampa

NESPITHE ("reunion") - Death metal, St Petersburg

IKARUGA - Grindcore, St Petersburg

ESCAPIST - Grind-aware hardcore, Tampa

RADIATION - Punk, Gainesville

$5 -- CHEAP!

Destroy All Eardrums.


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